Monday, April 20, 2009

Art And Courage: Stories to Inspire the Artist Warrior Within

[Cover of my new book,"Art And Courage"]

This book is about us.
I mean, it's about how we all have this ability to be powerful.

I wrote it because I became fed up with the old story that artists are incapable of affecting the real world. I wrote "Art And Courage" not just for when we are feeling strong and grand, but also when life unfolds with it's whole heavy agenda and we question why we are alive.

I wrote it for you, for today. And I wrote it for you, for your life ten years from now.

I wrote it for me, to slap myself silly.

The book is filled with true stories about artists who overcame challenges and stood up to fear.
I have to tell you, interviewing many of the artists for the book blew me away. Their stories are so amazing.

I am excited to share this with you, because so many of you have been an inspiration to me.

The book is scheduled to be available in June.