Monday, May 24, 2010

All Children Have Guardian Angels

[John Paul Thornton with his portraits of America's Missing Children.]

In observance of National Missing Children's Day, May 25th, Volunteers from across America have been asked to play "Guardian Angel".
Each volunteer has received by mail an oil painting of a missing child, created by Los Angeles artist John Paul Thornton. The volunteers have been challenged to dream up creative ways to display these paintings in their communities, bringing the artworks to schools, workplaces, to churches and temples, galleries and meeting centers. One volunteer couple is even embarking upon a month-long, thirty-state road-trip to spread awareness about a little lost girl... a girl they have never even met. The purpose is to find these children...and to not let their cases fade from the public awareness.

[Dina Martin served as guardian angel for Missing Child Abby Jo Blagg. She conducted a series of educational workshops and presentations shedding light on Abby Jo's case. She also created a drawing of her own, detailing how Abby Jo might appear today as a young adult.]

[Guardian angel Sandie Blair arranged a remarkable educational presentation and resulting exhibition to honor missing child Jozlynn Martinez.]

[Jake and Jeanett Van Donge serve as guardian angels for Aja Danielle Johnson. ]

How can paintings possibly impact the way viewers think, feel and act? It seems that in this era of greed, collapse and fear, selfless acts of hope and humanity offer a welcome change.